survival of fittest – a paradox

asurvivalPeace of mind can only be defined by a guy who’s a runner up in a 100 m race. Though he is not fittest, he is fit. Sometimes striking obviousness may result in absolute disparity and in that to make the obsolete chances of your occurrence alive, fitness is mandatory. One who’s fit can fit in the basket and same is not for fittest because he/she will undermine the expectancy ratio and gets himself clean balled. Physique and/or health is the readers’ perceptions for fitness, well I clearly am pointing the other side of coin altogether. Mental fitness is too technical a word to use here, brightness is a bias word again. ‘State of mind’ is the word/words where my mind stops. Situations are too logical and easy to solve when you actually are fit. Our dignified old age has said three words of literature, too easy to understand yet too difficult to implement: “never give up”. Well my observations say nobody actually does until survival seems difficult.

Well to write upon this thing felt so urgent to me that on month end too I am pouring. Where there is winner, there is always a runner up. Fame fumes around winner while the runner ups enjoy a state of mind in disguise. Making the one sided conversation easy , have you ever thought about the situations when an individual behavior goes so unnoticed but still his/her state of mind resolves my world of retrospections. And for me they are the winners and/or achievers of the world.

Examples help me define my wordily priced mood of the day. A state of mind of a student who has missed the last seat in PMT cause of the one, who occupied it, is where my mind wonders. Who is a winner, a guy with absolute result or the one who almost deserved? And there is the satanically biased and overnight burdened importance dragged by a categorization of winner and loser. Era of bifurcations or biases!! And there where comes the ego of winning and ego of over confidence which actually make the winner individuals so drunk without alcohol that they actually forget the birth line of their dearer and pricy tag. While the forcefully tagged ‘average’ and for me real fighter individuals, strive the all possible outcomes in their lives. They are the most respected entity holders and ones who should be in inspirational frames. You tell who is a real survivor. Or is it about “fittest or fit” dogma should be revised.

Growing faster – Syndrome

ant 1Too big a world, too many to compete, too much to achieve, too much to let go and the time is a deadline itself! Here are few of the green signals for the premature aging. When you explore all the possible outcomes, you buy best differences , you break your own record of being crazy or adventurous within set timeline, and still a ticking clock is a concern for you….
(1) While working a routine day a dude/dudes inside you cry out “hey bob, is this it?” and you start realigning yourself , fine tuning of your clearly destined path occurs ,and the execution happens within short notice….
(2) You do not care much about the surrounding, includes place/people/panorama/ talks/ rumors . Because what you desire is the benefit of opportunity cost , a layman word selfish, while you actually are more selfless….
(3) Well for you, ‘being alone ‘ is not a sadness ,rather its a rejuvenation + a self spent valuable asset you enjoy and at the end of the day you make yourself comfortable in your favorite quilt with dreamless and constant sleep…
(4) Being best in your subject interest automatically happens to you while you are cautious about the need improvements and work in progress is your status for many task on hand together…..
(5) Death/birth/parting/departing leave a casual impact on you (time being) as you know that to regret for unstoppable events is useless. Though you care for it! Not necessarily you show that too….
(6) Individuality is a word you have understood well and you compromise /be hopeful , for the chapters closed and going to get started. As a matter of fact for lifely events you are a guest and your emojis take a form and appear on live threads frequently….
(7) Stringency / control is not a need for you because you are a mutant who operates on sensors, though you have mood swings to work upon….
(8) Last but not the least you grow your greed for new ventures day and night but a baby inside you need a mother’s lap to sleep sometimes…
(9) Nine i could find if you have something to add , pen is yours! 🙂

good girl !!

Do you feel inspired while listening to your ipods (and you pop up dimples immediately fixing filmy songs in your life)? Or do you really believe milkysoft skin is your desire (while you give exclusive mirror time to yourself in a locked room)?? Or planning on super duper ultra exciting joyride vacation (where to catch a tea is decided in prior) , when you have been on one just back, is your hobby?? Or you develop brow stretch while watching saas bahu(secretly admiring one of the characters and start positioning yourself in the perfect one’s role)? Or to catch thousand eyes all the time is your full time job (modern dressing/ talking a fine british talk /chatting with episodically situational short forms/ to deprive your laughs in giggles just to take care of facial oddness in public)?? If you are all of these or any of these , congratulations..!! They call you a girl. Well I have missed on many other- shopping, outing, cafeting, gossiping, pinking all the possible stuff around , relation making/breaking, selfi-ing, decorating DPs and updating fake you every hour on social web blowers etc etc. Top of all is, getting married, starting family, sharing responsibilities, fulfilling parents’ dream – they call you a good girl.



do mirror really speaks to you ?

do mirror really speaks to you ?

# How much you lived yourself so far? # How much dependent are you all by your own? #Did you ask yourself why you topped 7th grad, why competition was so important back then and not now? #Doing job just to be self dependent/security- is all you want? # How many risk(s) you have taken so far just for fun? #How much you have fought till date to live the way you want to live freedom? #How strong you have held yourself without selling sympathy cards? #Why you did not raise your voice when he treated you bad in relationship ? #How many times you have raised your voice against ” Rotiya hi belni hai/ family responsibility toh nahi hai tum par/ shaadi karlo baat khatam”? # Why cant you go and have a sip at road side chaywala? Who taught you to be calm & leave the place aka being ‘ sanskari’ when a comment passes by? #Why cant you leave your partner in a disputed married life? #Why cant you see a dream of being million ₹ company all by yourself? # Why cant you drive auto rickshaw to pay the fees of your children? #why cant you be a single mother ? I believe your strength and I have raised my hand. Did you? Make each day yours and celebrate it large.#happy women’s day